Why Should The Asperger’s Affectees Have Friends?

Why Should The Asperger’s Affectees Have Friends?

Every age group craves to have a group of friends, and they have discreet requirements depending upon their nature and age. But in the case of individuals effected by Asperger’s syndrome, it is a whole different case. Let us have a look at the cases.

Elementary Years in the School

As soon as the parents put their child in School, the primary goal of that child is to adjust with the environment and secondly, to make a bunch of friends to sit with and spend his time with.

However, the kids affected by Asperger’s syndrome have a different scenario. For instance, if they go out in the free time, while everyone else would be busy with their friends chasing each other, they would sit quietly in a corner, thinking about the clouds, the texture of grass, exploring the drainage system and other things or activities that we label is ‘baseless or unusual’.

Therefore, their tendency to make friends, particularly in the elementary years, is densely small.

However, after spending some time in the same environment, they realize that their peers are mingling around and enjoying different activities together. This gives rise to a feeling in them that they should also look up for new friends who, they could share their time with.

Since the kids affected by Asperger’s are at least two years behind their peers regarding interpersonal and socialization skills, they need a significant amount of time to adjust.

Making First Friends

After some years in the School, kids with Asperger’s might make a couple of friends, but it is often seen that their extreme and rigid views about specific things (friendships in this case) make them less probable to continue the relation. Furthermore, they also try to be dominant in any relation, so it depends on the people around them as to whether they are kind to them or not.

It is often seen that these kids may end up in a reasonable friendship with those individuals whom they share mutual interests and mindset with.

Searching for a Partner and Becoming a Partner

In the teen years, everyone is interested in finding a partner to share his feelings with. While people without Asperger’s syndrome do not face a hard time in this pursuit due to various techniques that they could use, teenagers with Asperger’s face quite a difficult time.

They are socially confused and isolated people. So instead of just beating about the bush, they hit the nerve and ask for boyfriend or girlfriend explicitly. However, their way of approaching or showing interest is often considered as vulgar or unethical which might break them down further.

Even though the teens affected by Asperger’s have very bright chances of becoming brilliant partners, the couple needs thorough relationship counseling sessions to learn about various ways of overcoming the social gaps.

The Importance of Friendships

Whatever be your views about it, but for an individual affected by Asperger’s, making friends is pivotal since it gives them an edge to share their feelings with someone and ultimately, that individual also has an edge to fix the rigidness of an individual affected by Asperger’s syndrome.

Furthermore, as we have seen that the problem-solving skills of kids affected with Asperger’s are quite high, they could offer an array of benefits to their peers.

For instance, if there is a group assignment about a relatively tough subject that no one understands, the kid with Asperger’s might not have any problem in going beyond the scope since his comprehending abilities are already ahead of his peers.

It has another advantage as well. Individuals suffering from Asperger’s are often bullied and ridiculed. When in a group, these mischievous teasers have a difficult time in approaching their targets, which is quite beneficial for the individual.

Since these kids are rigid about their associations and like to live within their confined psychological territory, group work and a bunch of friends hovering over them would certainly provide a second opinion. It would not only give them a vital second opinion but an opportunity for exposure to several different ideas.

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