Signs of Being Bullied Shown by a Kid with Asperger’s

Signs of Being Bullied Shown by a Kid with Asperger’s

Kids who are suffering from Asperger’s lack a great deal of mental ability to perceive and even dish out certain emotions. Since emotions are an expression of something buried within an individual’s personality and how he or she feels about the surroundings, it is pretty rational to understand why these kids might have a tough time in signaling they are being bullied.

Although the kids with Asperger’s do know when they are being irritated by someone’s actions, they just cannot express or convey their feelings to anyone around.

Moreover, these kids might also face a strenuous time in calibrating whether someone’s behavior is considered to fall under the category of bullying or not and that is where the problem gets graver.

A Closer Look at the Problem

Often, it is seen that even if they are taught to let an elder know whenever they feel bullied, that does not happen. Not because they are afraid or something, but it is just because they feel people are playing with them. Well, yes they are playing with you – your emotions and personality kiddo!

Normal kids are very good calibrators. Which implies that if they perform something multiple times, they keep a track on the outcomes and then make a generalized hypothesis for the outcome of each possibility.

In this case, if a normal kid gets bullied, he would run towards any of the two parents, and as a result, he would not stop noticing whether the parent gave him required response or now. They strive to search for a particular response.

However, in the case of a kid suffering from Asperger’s he would never know the advantage of reporting bullying to an elder. Even though parents will certainly teach him so but he would not have a naturally embedded sense of realization as to what benefits might come his way if he shares social and emotional aspects of his life with someone.

As a mainstream gesture, asking for academic, social and emotional health is not in the dictionary of a child suffering from Asperger’s. You might have noticed that these kids do not even ask their parents to solve a numerical so why and how do you expect them to report a case of bullying?

So, just as elders realize that a kid wants some help in doing homework, they should also realize that their kid is suffering from the norm of bullying.

Since the kids are not likely to tell you, take charge and make yourself aware of what is happening in your child’s life.

For instance, look for the signs of torn clothing, bruises, lost possessions and any abnormality in the level of anxiety. As soon as you figure it out, talk to the kid.

That would not only solve the entire problem, but it would encourage him to share his problems with you at times of need and moreover, it would also make him feel cared. It should be noted that if your kid’s biological system respond strictly to any outer stimulus harming his personality, he might experience, sleep issues, diarrhea, constipation and stomach cramps.

Unpredictable and Unwanted Outcomes

Bullying is like a pressure, and your kid is just like a cooker sustaining that immense pressure. If its limit reaches but the pressure persists, the cooker (kid) is bound to explode with pressure, and then a series of physical response might occur that might include the use of a weapon.

Since both parties (kids being bullied and the people bullying them) fall in an utter state of chaos and emotions, an unjustified use of weapon might occur which is not liked by anyone.

As a result, the kid with Asperger’s might be suspended from the School or face criminal charges for an attempt to kill someone.

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