Rational Tricks to Stop Bullying for the Kids with Asperger’s

Rational Tricks to Stop Bullying for the Kids with Asperger’s

Bullying occurs all across the Planet. Even while you are reading this article, at least ten kids are being bullied somewhere in the World, by a group of troublesome guys.

Unfortunately, bullying follows no boundaries and no racial or gender discrimination. It implies that if people plan to bully you, they would not care about your background or anything else. They just need an excuse to tease, and if they have found one, you are entangled!

Over the years, general public and researchers have dished out an array of techniques that could be used to prevent and halt the acts of bullying in different variants of the World. However, half of them remained theories, and from the remaining half, some were successfully implemented while the others were not considered practical.

In this article, we will explore an array of strategies that could be used by almost everyone to prevent the kids from being a potential target of bullying, particularly the ones suffering from Asperger’s syndrome.

Team Approach

Quite often, we need to learn from our enemies or threats. Even in this particular scenario, when we talk about the prevention of bullying for a kid suffering from Asperger’s, we need to seek a chunk of guidance from the ones who tease these kids.


You might have seen that these ‘mischievous‘ people never approach their target alone. They tend to regroup before taking the final shot, just to put some extra pressure on the innocence of a kid.

Therefore, to sabotage such sick threat, kids should try to stay with their trustable friends whenever they feel like someone could approach them for unpleasant aims.

Here, the term trustable friends do not necessarily refer to the peers of the same age, in fact, parents, teachers or any sensible bunch could make a group and stay with the child just to sabotage any attack on him.

Staff Training

The staff you appoint to look after the child should be very well groomed to do the task.

For instance, if you assign them to look after the child and prevent him from bullying, then they should be trained to do that!

Equitable Justice

Justice should not only be confined to the ones who commit murders. If you look at it, even bullying is a murder of self-confidence, so it must be dealt with very strictly.

Kids who undergo bullying tend to shred their emotions off by showing a reasonable amount of aggression against the mischievous party. However, in some setups, instead of preventing the kids from bullying, a deep emphasis is laid on sabotaging their emotions and thus, attempting to restrict their expression against something they do not like. This is hilariously pitiful!

There should be a system of justice where the culprits who bully these innocent children must be penalized, and the kids should know about this.

Only then they would be able to depend on the system and stop taking revenge on their own, which might create disturbance in the society and elevate problems for them.

Positive Peer Pressure

Your company has a great influence on your personality and the way you do things. Similarly, even in the case of bullying, educational institutions should work tirelessly to setup societies and make both parties get involved.

For instance, they should not only focus on enrolling the affected kids. Even the ones who bully these small and innocent children should be a part of these programs.

Now the trick does not end here. You should incorporate a significant number of ‘neutral‘ people in each program.

For instance, in the class of affected kids, there should be some kids who have never undergone bullying, and in the class of the troublemakers, there should be a lot of peers who have never done the bullying.

A lot of social activities should be performed to seek trends in their approaches and behaviors. Within this controlled environment, whenever anyone from each of the two parties reaches the threshold of emotions and starts committing certain activities that are not liked by the society or anyone around, they must be stopped.

Not only that, but education must be given to the general public which means that if a bystander does not like to witness the act of bullying around him, that is fine, but he should not flee the scene.

He should have some guts and required knowledge to intervene and save someone’s respect. It would give the child under threat a lot of confidence that people stand by his side and he is not alone.

It does not end here. Since people get encouraged when their good deeds are appraised, same should be practiced here to promote the acts of kindness. Anyone who publicly downs a bullying attempt, particularly for a kid suffering from Asperger’s should be commended by the highest authorities of that system to give everyone confidence and make the subject feel motivated as well.

On the contrary, lessons should be given publicly to present scenarios and tell the elders that if they do not take necessary actions to stop an ongoing attempt for bullying, the situation might get worse for the kid.

Using Comic Strip Conversations

Whenever something goes against the will, subjected person should be the first one to respond instead of depending on someone to come and do something. To make the young kids (already effected with Asperger’s) do that, they should be given training.

Comic Strip Conversation demands to make use of small props to objectify people and small bubbles to represent their words and thoughts.

Now some situations should be developed, and the kid should be asked to interpret the scenario and decide multiple courses of actions that he could have chosen. Once he does that, you should ask him to narrow down to one option and justify himself throughout the steps.

I mean, they should be able to tell you why they prefer a specific set of options in the beginning and the basis of trimming down their options to a single result. You should even ask them to gauge their responses and tell you about possible consequences in the real World.

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