Mind Training Programs for Kids Affected with Asperger’s

Mind Training Programs for Kids Affected with Asperger’s

Kids with Asperger’s syndrome face a relatively tough time in comprehending different situations. Since comprehension abilities are explicitly linked with the state and efficiency of mind, it implies that an individual’s mental efficiency must be nurtured to give him lively experiences in all interactions.

For several years, researchers have always strived to derive a variety of programs that could be incorporated into daily lives of kids suffering from Asperger’s to enhance their social cognition.

Comic Strip Conversations

As the name suggests, comic strip conversations make use of plain drawings, speech and thought bubbles, colored texts and stick figures to generate or rather illustrate a sequence of actions in a particular social situation.

Often, young children do not seem to grab a particular concept or situation being exhibited in front of them. But whenever they are shown an illustration using the props mentioned above, their difficulty level is reduced to a great extent and they face a lot less difficulty in understanding the situation.

If we apply the same theory to kids with Asperger’s the results are surprising, and in several different studies, they have shown quite positive results with this method.

Even though there is a story running behind a comic strip conversation and multiple characters are involved in depicting a situation clearly, the main focus is not to get judgmental about the involved characters.

In fact, the kids must be encouraged to ‘understand’ the rationality of the situation and what is being portrayed out there. As a result, they would be able to understand the real-life situations more efficiently.

You should pay particular attention to develop the kid’s attitude such that instead of understanding something by listening, he should understand the situation by watching it happening right in front of him.

Moreover, it does not only help them in understanding every situation but even if they want to express themselves, the comic strip conversation is always pivotal. This technique allows them to express their creativity and say it out loud with the help of color splashes!

Quite often, kids want to express themselves, but unfortunately, due to a lack of vocabulary, they are unable to do so. So if you want to treat them in that particular regard, you could also teach them about different colorful ways of expressing the intensity of emotions.

The Teachers

Out of every 24 hours, all kids spend at least 5 hours in the School. In the case of children suffering from Asperger’s, the duration might be a bit less but just to mention the core of discussion here, every kid gets a fair chance of interacting with the teacher.

Therefore, an utmost responsibility falls on the shoulders of teachers to determine how she might train the mind of a kid suffering from Asperger’s to propel him in the lurking sea of opportunities that this World has to offer.

Here, colorful props may or not be used, but their utilization is highly recommended to aggravate the efficiency of comprehension. They should be provided with controlled or rather monitored access to different situations within the class where different behaviors should be graded.

In these activities, the teacher should ensure that the child being introduced to a particular activity has at least five years of casual experience with the language being spoken and should know that there exist several different feelings in the World and the humans tend to possess an array of those feelings.

For instance, take an example of a car trapped inside the closed railway barriers and the train is approaching quite fast from one end. Apparently and factually, the people inside the car are trapped and do not have an exit.

Here, the natural and healthy emotions that should be exhibited include anxiety, tension, and panic. However, a kid suffering from Asperger’s might take the event into a whole new perspective and start feeling happy in that particular situation just because he is excited to see the train from so close…

Now even though this a natural but irrational response to a catastrophic stimulus, we must understand that everything has two sides of perception and we must value that.

Continuous practice of a certain thing, even if it is an emotion, could lead to an improvisation and hence, make the kid with Asperger’s much more rational in his emotional reaction to specific happenings.

Computer Programs

DVDs have a great tendency to attract minds mainly because of their interactive offerings regarding videos and audios. It should be noted that when a kid suffering from Asperger’s is exposed to these DVDs, he is on the verge of realizing and grasping an array of emotions that he could not have learned otherwise.

These are way better than comic strip conversations because the objects in the video are real humans, and this phenomenon never goes unnoticed on the part of kids. They feel more attached to the situation being shown, and then you should encourage the cultivation of appropriately relative feelings as they watch the contents of DVD.

Furthermore, if they are allowed to play a few constructive games, not the fighting ones, they would be able to work out different emotional states without hesitation.

Now, playing video games has a perk over playing on the ground with ten other peers around. Mainly, when the kids with Asperger’s play video games, they are not exposed to the wild criticism which might have halted their learning progression otherwise.

There is yet another advantage to these DVD programs.

In live interactions, kids are bound to comprehend the social environment, then gauge their (let’s say) teacher’s instructions and related emotions as well.

However, while watching the same thing on a DVD, the attention is not divided, and they give sufficient time to interpret each aspect of the video. Moreover, they could even forward or rewind a particular part of the video to have an even better idea, which is not possible in the rational World.

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