Bullying Faced by the Kids Suffering From Asperger’s

Bullying Faced by the Kids Suffering From Asperger’s

Bullying is a nightmare for kids because it thrashes their self-confidence and ruins the courage to exhibit ideas in public.

Even though it should not be allowed at any level, against anyone, but if we particularly talk about the kids suffering from Asperger’s bullying is much more terrible and requires an immediate halt.

So, here is a very realistic question – why are children suffering from Asperger’s more likely to be a target?

A Particular Study

Well, the answer seems very simple but let us explore it in depth.

Several bullying studies have revealed that the targets fall into two categories, namely passive and proactive, each corresponding to a specific set(s) of attributes that makes the bullies come by.

Passive targets are the ones who seem to be (and actually are!) weaker in physical abilities. They might be very good in academics, but when it comes to their dealing with the public and doing extra-curricular activities, they are an utter failure and exhibit a sheer lacking in confidence.

Moreover, a proactive behavior means that the kid lacks in friendship skills as well. Since they lack in friendship skills, they know least about calibrating someone or a forthcoming situation by the problem in hand.

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As a result, just because they cannot gauge the situation and tend to get entangled within its folds worse than ever, they are one of the prime targets for bullying.

It should also be noted that particularly the male kids with Asperger’s are seen to be the victims of bullying, but why?

Well, once again the researches unleashed something indifferent. It shows that just to make them comfortable in social gatherings, they tend to make non-judgmental friends from the other gender. As a result, their gestures and clothing choice becomes more linked to theirs,’ and for bullies, it is indeed a heaven that they do not want to miss at any cost, whatsoever!

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Being Ridiculed with Names

The most common derogatory terms coming out of bullies for young kids tend to revolve around these three words:

  • Stupid
  • Psycho
  • Gay

Now, these derogations are directly linked to the personality of each and quite honestly, no one feels good when their boundaries are attacked as such.

Usually, the kids with Asperger’s are not quite social but confine and look upon ‘every’ aspect of the things around them. They keep on playing with and inside their minds so if someone tells them that they are stupid, that’s hell of a discouragement and they feel it thwarting on their minds!

Furthermore, kids who are suffering from Asperger’s often seek a constant advice from Psychologist just to keep things under the table.

However, most of the people around them already know it, and when they start making fun of it by calling them psycho, things get a lot worse in their minds as they get confused on how could they be psycho even though they are seeking professional medical treatment?

So, do humanity a favor and keep your tongue in limits, with all due respect…

An individual with gender A does not prefer being confused or intentionally linked with gender B, nor with gender C.

Are you getting the sense here?

Children suffering from Asperger’s might have gender-biased friends, and that might have inculcated an array of ‘awkward’ gestures. So when they hear someone calling them gay, every pinch of self-confidence is blown apart and they start thinking about their existence in that context.

However, everyone seems to have a pretty diverse sense of understanding when we talk about bullying. For half of the concerned people, it refers to social harassment while a significant number of people feel no responsibility declaring it as a unique form of entertainment.

A child is safe at home, but even when he is in the premises of School, the mischievous groups are always roaming around the hallways, corridor, bus stops and places where no one is paying specific attention.

Therefore, to minimize the hovering of bullying over kids, school authorities must make substantial moves to ensure that their young students are not alone and are supervised either by cameras or by the teacher on duty.

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