Aspergers Test For Children – AQ-Child Questionnaire

Aspergers Test For Children – AQ-Child Questionnaire

Early detection and intervention are very important to every child who may have autism. That’s why parents should assess their children to determine their status, to know the next line of action to take.

To make the job easier for parents, the AQ-Child questionnaire has been developed to help parents detect any possible autistic traits in their children. The question is simple and it doesn’t take much time to complete.

Why The AQ-Child Is Meant For Parents

Children may not be able to read or understand the information in the questionnaire but their parents can. That’s why parents are allowed to perform the assessment on behalf of their children.

The questionnaire consists of only 50 parts designed to extract relevant information from parents about their children. It is also designed to check for autistic traits in children between the ages of 4 – 11.

What the Assessment Entails

The AQ-Child comprise of different descriptive statements, structured in a way that it can extract information on the five core areas related to autism and associated disorders. They include:

  1. Social skills
  2. Communication
  3. Attention switching
  4. Imagination
  5. Attention to detail

However, each of these areas comprises of 10 items. And after the assessment, a higher score shows that the individual has more autistic traits.

How The Scoring System Is Done

The scoring system is very simple. When the response shows traits similar to that portrayed by autistic individuals, the items are scored as 1. But if the response doesn’t portray any autistic traits, the item is scored as 0.

However, parents also rate the extent to which they agree or disagree with the statements made about their child. The following represents the answer categories of such ratings:

  • 0 – definitely agree
  • 1 – Slightly agree
  • 2 – slightly disagree
  • 3 – Definitely agree

However, this method was adopted because there is this feeling that the level at which each item is being endorsed contained other information and was also retained. Therefore, the Total AQ score is calculated base on what each item score.

AQ Quiz (Child) (Age: 4-11)


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