hfhimelHi, my name is HF Himel and thanks for visiting aspergerly.com. My main aim of creating this site is to give useful information about Asperger syndrome and autism. The information here is basically from research and personal experiences with people who have these challenges.

In the world today, many people around us are struggling with this condition, and the thing is that they need our support, love, and care. But how can we support them if we don’t have enough information or know what the condition is all about?

However, you will find all the information about autism and Asperger, what it feels like to live with someone who has the disorder and possibly, how you can render support to the person. I have had several experiences with people living with the disorder and I can tell what their families are going through.

But today, I am happy because people with this condition can live happily, and even get married and I will reveal that through this site. Though certain challenges may arise, but there are things Asperger sufferers can learn to enable them to interact with people around them and lead independent lives.

So, if you are an ASD sufferer, know that there is hope. The journey may not be an easy one, but I believe we can work together to achieve our aim. I believe everything is possible, and we just need to take the first bold step. Once again, I say a very big thank you for visiting our site.

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